About Us

Nice & Sweet? That Ain’t Us!

The web is already full with lots of kitty pictures, positive quotes and other similar things (like that picture of Kermit the Frog looking in the mirror). WE’RE THE MEME GENERATION, and we don’t hold back.

eFCKNsports® -The Gamers Hub- brings you the latest (maybe not always lol) from the Esports world, right to your gaming station or portable device; you’ll find news, reviews, commentary and other original content by a community of gamers, just like you!

No Pretenses! It never was the idea to introduce JUST another Esports news site. There’s too many of those anyway, and the truth is, all we wanted to do was connect with other gamers, to speak the same language and find out together about all the latest esports stuff. Just… not in the traditional way.

Who Knows! You might learn a thing or two, even esports betting strategies (let’s not deny it: it’s always more fun when there’s money in the middle) with the aid of our exclusive pieces by experts from the esports betting industry.

Do you take offense easily? Then you’re IN for a RIDE! Buckle Up and get ready to enjoy the most irreverent content in the internetz, produced by the sickest minds in our inventory.

Want to become part of our team? Hit us up, but don’t expect a reply. Haha just kidding! ;p – We’re always happy to grow our group of misfits, one at a time…