• Atlanta FaZe grab greatest CDL roster win 
  • Key player Arcitys called in to help
  • Best hardpoint team never folded

It took them one year, after falling short against the Dallas Empire in 2020, to go in for the kill and grab onto the 2021 Call of Duty League Championship title like a monkey in a hurricane. Atlanta FaZe smacked around the Toronto Ultra (while taking some smacking back) and left them with a 5-3 loss that gave AF the championship.

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It was after Modern Warfare season’s working trio Cellium, Simp, and aBeZy clawed at the CoD Champs title but landed a lame and pathetic second place, that they decided to bring in a veteran AR and key player from Simp and aBeZy’s victorious eUnited team: Arcitys. 

With the pair-up, since Arcitys had done so well with Simp and aBeZy in Black Ops 4, they went in again for the kill. And kill they did. The new gameplay strategy went for the throat in the 2021 CDL, winning 3 regular season Majors out of the 4, but they dropped the ball again in Stage Five, where they lost 2 series in a row and placed in the top 8. Still, they kept going although three of them fell sick and didn’t even know if they would get to play. 

Rearing up their heads (yet again), they managed to sweep out Dallas and the New York Subliners, leaving only Toronto as a force-to-reckon-with on their path to the grand finals with a 6-0 map count. Taking a 4-2 lead and going towards Apocolypse Hardpoint, it was necessary to avoid game 9 in Search and Destroy, since Toronto was one of the best Search and Destroy teams and Atlanta the best Hardpoint but with 2 SnD maps dropped of the 3 in the grand finals. 

Atlanta started off limping (yet again; these guys are very consistent) but then surprisingly outscored Toronto with a 215-57 in the series close-out; Cellium was the leading slayer, although he stated (as they all do) that the whole team had “set him up for greatness.” 

Either way, FaZe grabbed the title and ran with a first place and a $1.2 million prize. And according to Simp, after the ‘hell week’ they pulled through after Major Five, they sat and had a team pep talk, got personal, and told each other what they needed to work on. And, fancy that, it seems that’s all it took. 

Who woulda thought…

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