Call of Duty is at it again, with its 2021 CoD Challengers season coming up, and this time pro players Parasite, Decemate and Blazt (no, not the reindeer) got it together with Halo player Neptune to join in the fun. The team is looking for an org to represent in this forthcoming seasonal event. But, before we go on with our CoD story, make sure to take a look at all the different esports betting odds daily available at mega-gaming hub Sign up today and enjoy HUNDREDS of betting prices, top quality streaming for big matches and incredible player bonuses.
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Blazt, Parasite, Decemate & Halo to Team Up for New Challenger Season

At the previous opening season of the Call of Duty League, players Decemate and Blazt had struggled alongside team Los Angeles Guerrillas, but still ended the year in last place; this pushed the Guerrillas to expel five players from the loser roster and it was Blazt and Decemate who got the kiss of death. But now they’ve teamed up with Parasite, who has years of pro Call of Duty backup, being a 2013 World champ and all, spent the inaugural CDL season in the Challengers League, and has already competed with Blazt for the Midnight Esports during the Black Ops 4 season. Now Neptune, on the other hand, is a stable Halo player who had previously teamed up with Elevate and Renegades. During the Black Ops 4 season he stood out as a star with potential, and since many other Call of Duty players have successfully made the crossover from Halo to CoD, the sky’s the limit for Neptune in the CoD professional pond. Hence, Decemate and Blazt have teamed up quite nicely. Furthermore, Parasite and Blazt are very excited because it seems Call of Duty Challengers recently disclosed a Scouting Series and a Challengers Elite program they’ve concocted for exposing more fans to the amateur scenario; this entails many more opportunities for these noobies to be snatched up by professional organizations, so Parasite and Blazt can expect to have a great chance to make it huge in the big leagues. Never miss out on a single esports moment with eFCKNSports’ crazy blog. Who Knows! You might learn a thing or two about esports betting. See Ya!