Chicago Huntsmen’s player Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson had to take a mental health break for the past two months to recover. Prestinni, formerly with the Florida Mutineers, teamed up with Chicago Huntsmen this week, and was able to broach his mental health.

Weakened around some disagreement in February during the time he spent with the Mutineers, he was eventually benched by his team and is now making his comeback with the Call of Duty League number 3 team Chicago Huntsmen, along with his bro Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson.


The mental health concerns had already hit home around March 7th, when Prestinni announced he wouldn’t be attending the Los Angeles home series. When the breakdown hit hardest, Prestinni had been trying to relieve his stress with gym workouts, but nothing was softening up the fact that he was away from his family and friends by living in Florida, plus the March coronavirus social distancing orders pulled the rug from under his feet.

Said the Call of Duty pro, “I’m just doing much better than than I was a couple months ago, so I’m honestly happy to be here. It started off slow. That’s where it started to fall apart, like, a couple weeks before Atlanta or week before Atlanta, and I was like, I went into Atlanta, and like I just did my thing, I forgot everything. After that weekend is like where I started to freak out, and you know, that’s when it became day-to-day, consistently, and it got worse and worse and worse.”

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