• Banned players in Call of Duty are also being banned in Vanguard
  • Cheaters get the short end of the stick
  • Anti-cheat system is linked to hardware

There’s a hoard of Call of Duty players who are currently being unable to play the Vanguard beta, and it’s got a cheating earmark!

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So you thought that cheating on Call of Duty: Warzone was going to be like Vegas: well, it seems that what you do in Warzone DOES NOT STAY in Warzone. It’s apparently spilling over to Call of Duty: Vanguard’s beta version, and if you were acting like you were clueless, well, you’d better wise up.

Players who have been banned from playing Call of Duty: Warzone –whether hardware or account-type banning- are getting messages that shun them away from playing Vanguard, and it seems both situations are correlated.


Warzone’s lead developer, Raven Software, had confirmed that they were applying strong bans to lash out against cheaters. But the banning ‘splash’ is not all: since this measure is meant to prevent all those who were sanctioned for hacking into Warzone from happily creating other accounts to keep on using cheats, they decided to –get this– tie the ban to their HARDWARE (mic drop.) This means you gotta get new equipment if you plan on following up on your evil ways. 

And if you’re already envisioning a possible cheating future within the Activision games, the company had already announced last August that a new anti-cheat system (we’re guessing this one) was going to be implemented in Vanguard and Warzone this year, so yeah, good luck with that, dudes and dudettes.


There are already players sniffling around, saying their account was hacked then banned, and whatnot. If they have actually been wronged, Activision has a way to undo this injustice, but it’s kinda rare, so they will probably suspect you anyway. Either way, you can submit a support ticket with your complaint to Activision and they’ll take it from there… IF it turns out to be true. Or they might just not.

This next title, Call of Duty: Vanguard, will be released by the franchise (or at least it’s planned to come out) on November 5th, and it will be available on the following consoles: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on, so brace up for the bucket of fun coming your way this end of year. If you’re not a cheater, that is…

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