2020 will go down in history for lots of terrible reasons, but it might also mark the very moment in which the streaming phenomenon crossed over into mass media, with notable entertainment and sports personalities making the swap to well-established online platforms in recent months.

One such star is Browns’ WR Odell Beckham, who will begin his official streaming career tonight with a Call of Duty: War Zone gaming session alongside veteran Dr. Disrespect.

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The Time’s Come: Odell Beckham is Streaming Tonight!

Beckham made clear his streaming intentions via Twitter this morning with a picture that depicted both himself and Dr. Disrespect in Lethal Weapon-style movie poster pose, while also communicating that he also intends to stream on Tuesday nights, same time, as long as the NFL season lasts.  Monday nights’ premier show will begin by 8:30 pm ET on YouTube.

The pro-football player, who has long expressed love for gaming, will then come back tomorrow for another Call of Duty brawl, this time with regular YouTuber Seth “Scump” Abner, current captain of team Huntsmen. 

Who Knows! Considering how poorly the NFL has done this season, with the worst ratings in modern history and all, this might prove to be a stroke of genius on Beckham’s part!

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