Call of Duty returns on February 11 

The Call of Duty League returns for a second time, after overcoming a super tough first season plagued with the COVID-19 virus. 

What a year it was for Call of Duty esports fans! – The interminable set of ordeals faced by the first-ever CoD League season proved challenging, but after the application of some necessary changes, including the enforcement of technically-faulty online-only events, the novel CoD tourney managed to wrap up successfully.

The good news is, there WILL be a Call of Duty League season this year, despite fears to the contrary, even if with some minor alterations coming on the side.  :p

Naturally, as is tradition at eFCKNsports’ crazy blog, we have ALL the details of the soon-starting CoD League season. 

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Call of Duty League 2021 – Betting Odds*

Feb 11 – 1 PM CentralLos Angeles Thieves+156VSMinnesota ROKKR-208
Feb 11 – 2:30 PM CentralDallas Empire-833VSSeattle Surge+458
Feb 12 – 1 PM CentralOpTic Chigago-370VSParis Legion+300
Feb 12 – 2:30 PM CentralAtlanta FaZe-455VSLos Angeles Guerrillas+298

*Odds are subject to change. 

Call of Duty League 2021 – The Facts

So, on top of the obvious travelling restrictions still wreaking havoc in the esports world, Activision, the game’s developer AND event organizer, has determined that additional changes will take effect during 2021’s edition of the top CoD tournament, scheduled to begin this Feb 11th. 

The main change came after the end of the first season, in the shape of a reformatting to a Four-vs-Four match system, which pushed the teams to decimate their rosters.

Amongst the twelve competing teams are 2020’s champs, the Dallas Empire, the Los Angeles Thieves and their local rivals the Guerrillas, Seattle’s Surge, Team OpTic from Chicago and France’s own Paris Legion. The event kicks off with a Round-Robin Home Series, in which every team will do battle with each other a total of 5 times. These, in turn,  will be followed by their set of Majors, leading the way up to the Playoffs. 

Each team will earn 10 CoD League Points for each single win during the Home Series, and these points will be stacked up in order to position the seeds for the Major’s Double-Elimination stage. Majors will also award CoD League Points to the participating teams, in accordance to their finishing positions, as you will be able to see in the table appearing right below:

Call of Duty League 2021
CoD Points Awarded for Majors

#175 CDL
#260 CDL
#350 CDL
#440 CDL
#5-630 CDL each
#7-820 CDL each
#9-1010 CDL each
#11-120 CDL awarded

You can watch live all the League matches via Call of Duty’s exclusive YouTube channel.

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