The Call of Duty League is all for celebrating, and this time it’s gonna be during the first week of the launching of the new game Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.  The celebration consists of seven tournaments held during week one of the game’s installment debut. Some CDL teams will be featured, along with their players; also featured will be content creators and celebrities with the intent of showcasing this newest addition to the Call of Duty trappings. Before we continue with our news article, make sure to check out Esports Betting Center Register your new account now to enjoy HUNDREDS of different esports betting odds and top-quality video streaming on major esports events.

CoD: Black Ops Cold War Facts

Teams joining in the fun are the Atlanta FaZe, Minnesota ROKKR, OpTic Chicago, Florida Mutineers, London Royal Ravens, Dallas Empire, and Toronto Ultra, and you can find all the events in which they will be participating on the Call of Duty League’s YouTube channel. The streams can also be watched on Twitch, since the Call of Duty’s Twitch channel is home to some of the tournament coverage. Furthermore, players participating in the events have also taken a fancy to streaming there in the Black Ops Cold War directory, so there’s that, too. This is a very important moment for Call of Duty, with competitive CoD being more prominent than ever, and the buzz about the very-much anticipated launch of its 2020 installment Black Ops Cold War. This accounts for the CDL to have become more and more involved with the launching, thus setting up seven badass tournaments, which will each be hosted by a different franchise. Remember, not all of these competitions are going to be the same: the format and number of participants will be different for each. Check out the tournament schedule included below. Scheduled Tournaments: Atlanta FaZe: Cold War Clash Saturday, Nov. 14: 3pm CT OpTic Chicago: Cold War Launch Event Sunday, Nov. 15: 1pm CT Minnesota ROKKR: ROKKR Arms Race Monday, Nov. 16: 2pm CT Dallas Empire: Battle of the Throne Tuesday, Nov. 17: 12pm CT Florida Mutineers: Release the Kraken: Cold War Wednesday, Nov. 18: 11am CT London Royal Ravens: Cold War Colosseum Thursday, Nov. 19: 11am CT Toronto Ultra: $25K Coldish War Friday, Nov. 20: 2pm CT Stay on top of your favorite esports action with eFCKNsports’ daily gaming blog. Find special esports betting tips and other expert advice on every single article. See Ya!