-Recent tweet hints at soon-coming end for the Verdansk map

Take it with a HUGE grain of salt!

There’s been some talk going on for several months about an “explosive” end to the current Verdansk map for the popular Call of Duty: Warzone, but a new, slightly cryptic tweet posted only this past Tuesday, hinted at a possible date for the mysterious season finale. 

But, before you go on stacking up canned beans, and digging up your personal bunker, keep in mind that this is just a supposition, and there’s nothing concrete in regards to the CoD event. 

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The End is Near

The first rumours concerning a supposed “end” started springing up online in February, but it was only until a leak showed up – via PC magazine – that fans truly started pondering the possibility. Then, a sudden rise in “nuclear” activity in the Verdanks map of recent days has led many to believe that a wrap-up may be closer than originally thought. 

And then came Tuesday’s tweet:

By @CallOfDuty (Tuesday, April 13th)


The end is near… #Warzone”

Granted. It’d be fair to assume that this could be nothing else but the date for the application of the new LTM, but considering the recent success of similar “time-specific” super catastrophe events – alla Fortnite’s “Enter Galactus” – then, maybe we aren’t so wrong in thinking some really BIG, and atomic, is on the way.

Either way, we’ll make sure to keep you updated. 😉

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