Top esports leagues Overwatch and Call of Duty have decided to team up with Sportradar. They are apparently moving forward and have started out with Sportradar, to keep betting in the leagues clean.

Since physical sports are still out, sequestered by COVID-19 vigilantes, it was only natural to turn to bet on safe, online competitions such as esports; Activision Blizzard is therefore pairing up with an integrity service company called Sportradar to provide betting corruption protection. This company will be tasked with monitoring all global betting regarding Overwatch and Call of Duty, providing them with intelligence and investigation, should the need arise. It will also look out for match-fixing and inside-information abuse, among other things.



Sportradar provides support to over 80 sports and esports entities, including major national sports leagues, such as NFL, NBA, and MLB. Head of Strategic Initiatives for Activision Blizzard Jason Hahn commented, “Working with Sportradar is a step to further reinforce the importance of fair play. As our esports activities continue to grow and as fans increasingly engage with wagering on matches, we need to ensure we are doing as much as we can to proactively protect our ecosystem. Working with Sportradar, an industry leader, is important in protecting our players, teams and matches and giving fans the best experience they deserve.”

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