The 100 Thieves esports organization announced the charity tournament “Warzone From Home” with the participation of some of the most bad-ass Call of Duty top dogs.

The Warzone tournament is meant to try and wipe the corona-serious from our kisser; well, some top-tier Call of Duty play and a chance to win some cash might just do the trick. Esports Betting, for gamers by gamers.

Featuring 16 teams kicking butt in Warzone, it is the most recent free -to-play Call of Duty game. I mean, it’s FREE. Warzone has already made a ton of dudes happy so 100 Thieves took advantage and launched their tournament. It’s already underway with a prize-pool of $100K.

Prize-pool aside, the winners get $50K for the charity they pick and also $50K available to chat, to iron out the isolation frown caused by the pandemic. The charity tournament is also sponsored by Cash App, a partner of 100 Thieves and sponsor for “Cash App Compound”, which is the largest esports facility in the States. More info to come soon, since it looks like they like getting it up but not dishing it out.


Freebies are always attractive, and Call of Duty: Warzone is no exception. Just 10 days after its release on March 10th, it hit the 30 million mark of players aroused by the new game. It’s free-to-play and crossplay, what’s there not to like?

Actually, the coronavirus pandemic has helped Warzone make it so big: the quarantine and shelter mode everyone’s in has made them lock eyes with the new game, but let’s face it. That’s only just PART of the reason. Fortnite hit 30 million after 11 WEEKS and Apex Legends 50 million in 4 weeks, so yes. Warzone’s definitely it. Plus, it has been already featured in other online tournaments including Code Green and now Warzone From Home by 100 Thieves. So far, it looks like it’s a gamer thing, going that strong for Warzone; plus, it’s always feel-good, dropping into Verdansk and lootin’and shootin’…

Will other leagues follow suit? Or will the cave in to the corona-pressure? Check out more stories like this at eFCKNsports’ daily feed. Who Knows! Maybe you’ll learn a thing of two about esports betting strategies. See Ya!