The investigations pertaining to the Spectating Bug Scandal continue, and another coach has fallen to the axe of the ESIC. 

ENCE’s official Twitter account announced over the weekend their decision to cut ties with coach Slaava “Twista” Rasanen, after his own admission of having taken advantage of the spectator bug since 2017. Rasanen now joins a group of coaches who also got suspensions during the last few weeks. The list includes Hard Legion’s Aleksandr “MechanoGun” Bogatiryev, Ricardo “Dead: Sinigaglia and HUNDEN, as had been reported by eFCKNsports just a few days ago.  

Rasamen, who seems perfectly aware of the repercussions of his confession, went on Twitter to confirm his former employer’s announcement: “As of today I am suspended by ENCE as the head coach of the CSGO Team.”  

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Innocent until proven Guilty

Twista framed himself in the latest CS:GO scandal to hit the larger esports media, but is yet to be declared completely “guilty” – ENCE has refused to make additional statements in regards to the suspension, and it appears as if they’re only taking preventive/disciplinary measures with the coach, while expecting the commission’s formal and final answer

The Coaching Bug Scandal became the center of pundit discussion a few weeks ago: It exposed a number of coaches who allegedly took advantage of a years-old CSGO bug.  According to the information released by The Esports Integrity Commission, the specific bug allowed coaches the ability to position themselves anywhere they pleased on the map, thus gaining a good deal of unfair advantage over their competition. 

The Investigations will go on for a few more weeks until all the bug abusers are finally identified. Additionally, Valve has expressed interest in expanding coaching limitations as a direct result of the scandal, but is yet to determine how and when it would happen. 
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