Is not all Bad News for Esports during 2020!

Looks like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive succeeded where most other esports leagues failed due to the COVID-19 during the last year, according to recent pool prize figures released by field experts The Esports Observer. 

Valve’s first-person shooter franchise beat former top-performer Dota 2 as the most profitable esports league in 2020 by nearly 6 million dollars (estimated at $14.75 million); classic gaming juggernaut League of Legends and EPIC’s Fortnite sensation came in close third and fourth spots with $8M and $7.87 million respectively.

Although both CS:GO and Dota 2 are offspring of the same parent (Valve Entertainment), not both titles received the same level of attention or fared as well when confronted with the unplanned hazards provoked by the arrival of the ubiquitous COVID pandemic. 


Pay Heed to The NEW Esports King!

The brand-new winnings report issued by The Esports Observer from a couple of days ago shed some very clear light about the actual effects of the pandemic on the Esports scene. 

The figures simply don’t lie; CS:GO crowned itself the new winnings champ and by more than just a tiny margin:

Top Ten Esports Games of 2020 by Total Winnings

TOP 5 by Total Prize Pool – from The Esports Observer

#1 – CS:GO – $14.75 Million

#2 – Dota 2 – $8.87 Million

#3 – League of Legends – $8 Million

#4 – Fortnite – $7.87 Million

#5 – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – $6.27 Million

Even though Dota’s fall from the top of high-revenue esports leagues might come as something of a shock to most esports fans, the reality is, it isn’t really so difficult to understand the circumstances that caused it. For the 7+ years that Dota 2 had remained at the forefront of popularity in esports circles, it never faced such hardships as it did during the last 12 months. The sole cancellation of Dota’s biggest event (The International, originally planned with a prize pool of a whopping $34 million) hurt the franchise’s figures more than possibly anything else.  

Additionally, compared to CS:GO’s 270 total tourneys in 2020, Dota 2 could only ultimately muster a tiny one-hundred events during the same time period.

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