Also known as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it is a world-famous, multiplayer, first-person shooter which has betting on esports spinning.  It’s pretty straightforward, with Terrorists pitted against Counter-Terrorists, and the match takes 15 rounds, and the winner being the first squad to reach 16, except in overtime. To win a round and thus get a point, a squad must eliminate all the opposing team and/or complete Map objectives.

How to Bet on CS:GO

CS:GO’s structure allows betting much the same as in mainstream team sports. Team A plays Team B, and the results are win, lose or draw. Betting on who wins the match is known as the Money Line. The odds offered reflect the strength of the squads based on their win/lose history. Payout would be the stake multiplied by the odds.


Since the match has to do with separate Maps, you can bet on who wins each one of the Maps. Since each team gets only one Map veto in a best-of-3 match before their opponent can pick a Map, knowing which are a team’s weaker Maps can be especially profitable for the bettor.

There’s also Handicap betting, which adjusts the odds for perceived strengths/weaknesses in abilities. Basically, it gives the weaker team a specific number of maps/rounds for headstart, and then the favored squad gets handicapped by the same number of these.

CS:GO Tournaments Offered for Betting

All major CS:GO tournaments are offered up for betting, including ECS, ESL Pro League, ESL One, IEM, BLAST Pro Series and the StarLadder Berlin Major. Make sure you don’t miss out on any by streaming them all at LevelUp.bet.

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