Just over the end of August, a new scandal rocked the CS:GO esports scene, sending a chill down the spines of both players and coaches alike.

The so-called “Coaching Bug Scandal” was exposed and it put into question the reputation of some of the best-respected entities in the industry and even though three coaches had already been given suspensions by the beginning of the week, the ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission) put out a statement this Wednesday clearing regular players of any wrongdoings. PHEW That was close!

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Panoramic View Bug Gives Unfair Advantage to Coaches

In truth, the bug couldn’t have been simpler: In spite of a correction that had allegedly taken effect over two years ago, coaches recently rediscovered a bug which allowed them to pick the best strategic view position on the map, giving them unquestioned advantage over their adversaries. The coaches could continue to advise their teams from their privileged new post. Now, wasn’t that SLICK!

The three suspended coaches are none other than Aleksandr “MecanoGun” Bogatiryev, from Hard Legion, Ricardo “Dead” Snigaglia from MIBR, and Hunden from Heroic. Although each will probably deal with the suspensions in slightly different ways, the coaches are expected to at least meet the minimum 6-month time-punishments imposed by the ESIC. ESL One Road to Rio and DreamHack’s Master Spring Europe, which took place between April and June, were both affected by the scandal.

The investigations will continue and new names are expected to be implicated in the coming days.

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