It’s CS:GO competition time again, with the ESL One Road to Rio matches taking place starting today May 6th through the 10th. Both Asia and Oceania are the legs of this competition, and the matches are going to be played in a Best-Of-Three format, which you can catch on the LevelUp streaming channel.


There will be 8 teams from Asia competing for a prize pool totaling $10,000. The Asian teams participating are: Lucid Dream, Tiger, Camel Riders, Mazaalai, ViCi, Beyond, D13, and Tyloo. The matches will be set up in the following manner:


MAY 6th, 2020

Lucid Dream vs. ViCi

TIGER vs. Beyond            

Camel Riders vs. D13                     

Mazaalai vs. TYLOO                        

MAY 7th, 2020

Beyond vs. Lucid Dream              

TIGER vs. ViCi                    

Camel Riders vs. TYLOO

D13 vs. Mazaalai              

MAY 8th, 2020

TIGER vs. Lucid Dream   

ViCi vs. Beyond                

TYLOO vs. D13                  

Camel Riders vs. Mazaalai


There will be 4 teams from Australia competing for a prize pool totaling $10,000. The Australian teams participating are: Chiefs, Renegades, Ground Zero, and ORDER. The matches will be set up in the following manner:

MAY 6th, 2020

Chiefs vs. Ground Zero

Renegades vs. ORDER

MAY 7th, 2020

Renegades vs. Ground Zero

ORDER vs. Chiefs

MAY 8th, 2020

Ground Zero vs. ORDER

Renegades vs. Chiefs                     

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