So Valve has done good and dropped a pre-Xmas present for the CS:GO fandom out of the blue: Broken Fang, the 10th CS:GO Operation, has arrived complete with a 16-second long cinematic trailer (which is the first official cinematic Counter Strike has put out in the last 8 years) and newFANGled stuff (I’ll smirk to that, yes.)

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CS:GO – IEM Global Challenge

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Broken Fang 

All players will have access to a new Retakes mode. In this mode, 3 terrorists are thrown against four counter-terrorists for 8 rounds; their weapons have to be chosen for each one of the rounds from a loadout card. Now, if you are a player with an Operation Pass, you will get extra treats, such as access to the Broken Fang premier mode, plus an Operation Stats page made to streamline stat-tracking: it collects and keeps your personal stats, heat maps and the win rates for each of these. 

Seven new maps are also included, plus an Operation Shop that sells rewards. Those rewards can be purchased using the Operation Stars earned each time you complete a weekly mission. Among the rewards and whatnots sold at the shop, you can find Agents issued around a SWAT team and a bad-boy group called The Professionals, plus graffiti, patches, stickers, weapon collections, and a new weapon case. 

There is also a patch that brings along a personalized chat wheel, so you can quickly communicate with your teammates by selecting common commands in the wheel. These commands will generate contextual pings to be seen by your teammates, with the call-outs automatically translated in the chat. Yup, the more the merrier.

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