• Astralis rifler Bubzkji is reportedly being blatantly put up for sale.
  • He was left out of the lineup for the PGL Stockholm Major.
  • He had been not so active but more on the sidelines as a sub since a little over a year ago

Yup, Astralis is letting Lucas “Bubzkji” Andersen –one of their riflers– go, plus he’s blatantly being offered to other organizations (talk about ‘feeling the love’…)

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In spite of Bubzkji having helped the team qualify via the Regional Major Ranking tourneys, Astralis’ campaign at the PGL Stockholm Major reeked of relentlessness: they left Bubzkji out of the active lineup. Period. Not only that, the 23-year-old was replaced by gla1ve, the in-game leader who had been out of the loop due to his new-born’s parenthood priorities. Daddy’s home, dear…


There were multiple organizations that had reported being offered Bubzkji to them by Astralis. Now then, the Danish had recently renewed contracts with gla1ve and Xyp9x, but they have said nothing yet about dupreeh, Magisk, and head coach Danny “zonic” Sørensen; their contracts are to expire at the end of this year, but no renewal has been thrown on the table. Bubzkji was the first one to take the boot on his arse and made to disappear moving forward.


Having been a part of the Astralis squad since July 2020, the former MAD Lions member had spent more time as a substitute than actively playing with the lineup, so we can all see what that would mean in terms of keeping him. Of course, he’s pretty disappointed after not being able to play in the PGL Stockholm Major, but hey, there was plenty reason, we guess. He went on to rant a little bit about losing out on his first major (yeah, that was low, even for Astralis) and about not being able to play in front of a ‘home’ crowd, but that he understood there were only five spots (at least that’s what they told him!)

Either way, without Bubzkji, Astralis’ elimination match went all too well against GODSENT: they made the squad be the first CS:GO team to leave the tourney, beaten and forlorn (you know, Astralis might have been onto something there.)

So with Bub out of the way, we still have to hear about the other two guys and the head coach, see if they get dropped or not.

I gotta say this: new parenthood sure goes a long way… catch my drift? Wink, wink.

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