A few days ago, Valve went all out and released a totally massive update for CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (because… newbies, you know), with loads of changes, especially to weapons. These are possibly the biggest changes to CSGO in quite a while. GOOD! Because God knows I needed something else besides… washing my hands every 5 minutes! O.o

Juicy Update

It comes with nerfs and buffs galore, especially to weapons, and among the changes is a nerf for SG 553, for example; but probably the most jaw-dropping change to CSGO is the hand cannon, Desert Eagle.

The accuracy has increased when airborne, taking it to ‘outrageous’. Another startling update is the buff to the Tec-9. It has “reduced its firing inaccuracy” (let’s leave the play on wording at home, dudes.)


But the timing of this release is perhaps the part that is most interesting. Riot Game’s newest shooter Valorant has been getting a lot of buzz and hooha, even getting tried out by CSGO players since its mechanics are very similar to CSGO’s. So, the CSGO update splash has somehow managed to look like it’s trying to steal some of the bang from the shooter. Could it be a coincidence? Capitalism FTW!!!


And here, my dudes, is a newly-coined… what? Was it a typo? Was it bad notes? Was it an inside joke to make us look stoopid? – As any Mexican would say: Chinga tu Madre!  We HONESTLY don’t know what that means. Either way, the whole CSGO community is running around like a chicken without a head and trying to find out where it came from.

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