The Counter-Strike Professional Players Association (or CSPPA) has been considering changing the summer and winter breaks.

As they are reportedly talking with several tournament organizers regarding offseason dates, we could be looking at an earlier summer break and an extended summer one, if both of them come to an agreement (just as well, since we’re not doing squat…)

ESL, in cooperation with DreamHack and StarLadder, proposed the change to the summer offseason date, in view of the coronavirus outbreak and COVID-19 spread nuisances; yeap, just one of many adjustments in events – such as switching some of them from LAN to online— which had to be carried out since the whole virus thing broke out in February.


New Break Dates

The start and end dates for the summer player break, which is normally taking place on July 15th and end on August 15th, would be moved up 2 weeks; this means the start date would be earlier on June 29th and end date July 31st.

The change in the winter break would be extending the end date by a week, so that it lasts until January 17th. Reportedly, this last change has already been approved by ESL, DreamHack, and StarLadder, but that’s just hearsay. At this moment, none of the parties involved have confirmed any decisions as of yet.


According to HLTV’s world rankings update, Fnatic may very well be the best CS:GO team in the world. Since the Swedish team has made top team in those rankings for the third time, it is now on top of the leaderboard, having overtaken Natus Vincere’s 2-month top spot and left them to bite the dust, all in one sweep.

Following their February IEM Katowice title, Na’Vi just sort of went along and stayed put. They didn’t make any effort or move to win the ESL Pro League season 11 in Europe, so they placed fourth. Yeah, they sorta slept on it; but Fnatic did win the online tournament, beating the ESL Pro League season 10 champion mousesports in the grand finals.

Third place has Danish team Astralis, which is the lowest for the team for almost half a year ago, in September 2019.

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