– Double XP event started April 8th and will end on the 12th. 

What BETTER way is there to enjoy Black Ops Cold War?

Running already, and lasting until the end of the weekend, developers Treyarch launched a Double XP event for players of Counter Strike: Black Ops Cold War

Having started only yesterday (Thursday) at noon, the 4-day-long event is one of the best opportunities you’ll ever get to level up your shooter’s profile, and to try out new powerful weapons, like  the ZRG 20mm rifle. 

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CS:GO – BLAST Premier Spring Showdowns 

Betting Odds, courtesy of LevelUp.bet*

April 13th – 3:30 AM CentralAstralis-455VSOG+357
April 13th – 6:30 AM CentralEndpoint+298VSG2-455
April 13th – 9:30 AM CentralDignitas+230VSTeam Liquid-278

*Odds are subject to change. 


Our four-day Double XP weekend is LIVE in #BlackOpsColdWar, now through 10 am PT April 12th” (from @Treyarch at Twitter). 

Simply put: Make sure to join the CS:GO online action scene before the end of the weekend to give a big boost to your XP, in only half the time it would normally take to achieve.  

According to an article posted by esports insiders Dotesports, this is also your golden chance to test out the new ZRG 20mm, 3-round bolt-action sniper rifle (LIVE) and there are two ways for you to unlock this marvelous new weapon. 

The new rifle, released a couple of days back, can be unlocked by taking on -and winning- a particular challenge, or just by purchasing it alongside the “Jackpot Sniper” bundle. 

As to the challenge, and while using a sniper rifle ( DUH! ), you’ll be required to earn 2 Longshot medals in 10 different matches. How do you get these ‘Longshot’  medals?  Well, we think the name kinda gives it away: You need to accomplish two long-shot type shots, though the actual distance required wasn’t actually mentioned. Either way, it’s probably best if you check out THIS other article by CharlieIntel.com; they have a few more details and guidance on the subject.  

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