It’s a $300,000 combined prize pool for these tournaments, and these events will be giving smaller CS:GO teams a chance for exposure and showcasing talent.

The online CS:GO tournaments will be hosted by DreamHack in Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania; the decision by the tournament organizer was made since its Open stops in Montreal, Valencia, and Hyderabad were going to be switched to online play because of the “corona-motherfkr” of the year. Nevertheless, DreamHack revealed that its Montreal event will turn into DreamHack Open Summer North America, Valencia will turn into DreamHack Open Summer Europe, and Hyderabad will be transformed into the DreamHack Open Summer Asia and Oceania.


The events will be broadcast from the Monster Energy DreamHack Studio in Sweden, and players will be participating from their houses. Four teams will be invited to join the four that qualified for stage one, and six more teams will be invited to join the two squads qualified from stage one, for all regions.

No teams have been revealed yet for these online events; either way, in the forthcoming weeks, the open qualifier and stage one info is going to be released. For now, the only thing we know is that Stage Two of the Open Summer Europe will be happening July 2-5, and North America will kick off after the August 13-16 player break; you can catch up with these by streaming them on the LevelUp.bet channel.

The tournaments will be split into two stages each, and DreamHack will be paying out $100,000 for North America and Europe each, plus $50,000 for Asia and Oceania, each.

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