CS:GO is always so drama-filled!

It seems signing up recently-unbanned coach Alexander “zoneR” Bogatiryev to its academy CS:GO roster has triggered more stuff against forZe? Well, it’s not the first time, you know.

Early today, forZe was thrown into the guilty seat by MAD Lions coach Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu. He accused forZe of turning on and using GOTV, the in-built client designed for spectating and recording games and matches, against his team. And, it gets steamier: it seems forZe did not let peacemaker nor the rest of the MAD Lions team know the games were being recorded.

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In a Twitter image posted by peacemaker, the in-built console client was displayed where you can see MAD Lions’ player Rasmus “sjuush” Beck nicely asking the opposing team to “remove GOTV”; you can also see forZe blatantly disregarding the polite request and keeping the CKRAS GOTV bot on to record in the server.

Two forZe players, Mekhryakov and Alekseyev, even went as far as to tell the MAD Lions they could all get copies of the demos as consolation, in a really crappy move to “make it all good” (Dudes…You for real?) “You guys are a great team,” peacemaker told them, “but offering to send us the demo doesn’t fix the issue itself. Why are you guys practicing with GOTV on and recording the practices in the first place?”

Did I hear… Spectating Bug?

Now in jumps former analyst and FaZe coach Janko “YNk” Paunovic to corroborate all this shebang with his very own experience, since he had already caught forZe using this same old routine against his team before. He tweeted that his team had to ask them over and over again to “kick the GOTV”, every single time they practiced on their server, so it does look like a repeat offense from here.

Since ForZe is up for participation in the upcoming Flashpoint 2, they had already put themselves up hard to the crosswires for having signed up zoneR to the academy roster without adding insult to injury with this GOTV horseplay. (If you recall, under former team Hard Legion, zoneR was shamefully banned by ESL for using the sensitive and problematic coaching bug. The ban consisted of a temporary suspension of 36 months, which is the longest span any coach has ever been chastised for having abused the bug).

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