• gla1ve’s back in Astralis’ lineup
  • Returns for PGL Stockholm Major
  • Magisk no longer in-game leader and Bubzkji is kicked aside

Astralis can call it a day, now: gla1ve’s back in the running! The actual in-game leader returns to take his place in the team.

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So Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander is going to be back in Astralis’ starting lineup for the PGL Major Stockholm, which is the lead CS:GO event of the year. He had been on paternity leave the last few weeks, but finally made it to the event, thus kicking out… er… taking the place of Lucas “Bubzkji” Andersen to attend the $2 million competition at stakes (I mean, c’mon! It’s $2 million!)

Astralis was keeping their mouths shut regarding the lineup for the PGL Major, but now it cracked wide open: the Captain is back and ready to roll (well, I mean, who could keep away from $2 million…) Astralis’ director of sports Kasper Hvidt mentioned they had talked it out with the other Lucas (Lucas with a C) regarding the decision to stuff Lukas (Lukas with a K) back in the gang like that, and he was pretty disappointed (I mean, who wouldn’t be… IMHO) but agreed to give it all and his best. Hvidt reminded everyone who would listen that they would always set the team they believed had the best chances, so that’s that. It’s done. (Sorry, Bubzkji.)


With gla1ve returning to the lineup, Emil “Magisk” Reif will no longer be the team’s in-game leader, whether he likes it or not. Astralis believe the core made up by gla1ve, Magisk, Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen, and Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth is a strong one, since they won the last three CS:GO Majors. Fifth kid on the block is Philip “Lucky” Ewald, the guy who joined Astralis in the summer player break and has been attending all tourneys ever since.


The PGL Stockholm Major is kicking off this upcoming Tuesday, October 26th, so you can catch some glimpses of the new dad. The Challenger’s Stage is up first, and that’s where Astralis is going to be starting their campaign. At the startup, there will be 16 teams participating in total for this first stage of the competition; after that, only half of them will be able to go on to the Legends Stage (a savage killing, y’all…)

Let’s hope the new dad is not too frazzled from not getting enough sleep… I mean, the new baby.

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