LiVid Gaming Counter Strike Global Offensive


Like a bag of flaming sh*t, LiVid Gaming has dropped its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Canadian team. The Team was founded in 2016 and was formerly known as Team LiViD. It has been active (apparently not enough!) in CSGO for 2 years after signing QcClan in 2018. Esports Betting, for gamers by gamers.

Mediocre’s the word here: the team’s performance hasn’t done ZERO for LiVid and has always been pretty lame and run-of-the-mill, with a lone peak in 2019, when LiVid won ESEA season 31 of advanced and got second place at the DreamHack Canadian Championship. LiViD also went and placed second at WESG North America 2019, but then the Canadian team’s performance went down again and stayed down (just like your self-esteem, after that last toxic relationship).

Their results as District 7 (D7) in the Mountain Dew League were crappy as it is, with mixed results (6-9) where they won two of them by forfeit (sheez, who picked them apples for the roster?) In other words, they can beat the little MDL Teams and… that’s pretty much it!

Why? Not Serious Enough

When LiViD spilled the beans officially, they said their decision had not been easy (yeah, right: it practically took itself). Owner Andrew Vespoli gave his version of an excuse for cutting out the losers: “Due to the lack of seriousness of the players, and failure to demonstrate a positive attitude towards the game, season and organization, we will no longer be supporting the current roster, active immediately.” Touché.

Whether it’s true or not, it is crystal-clear LiViD’s nutsack was already overloaded. But, on the other hand, the community in general, thinks the team has potential and some serious players… well, boo-hoo, not serious enough, apparently. Nobody has a clue on how the team feels if they’d been having a bad time, bad relationships, bad team spirit, bad whatever, but they’re players, man! Players gotta play or they get blackballed. Period. (As a side note, Abdo “c4lypso” Agha was already a goner. One day earlier, from the MDL D7 roster. These guys at LiVid aren’t foolin’ around…)

LiVid Still Up for CS:GO

So, word is that LiVid is still wanting to make the rounds in CS:GO, which is actually confirming the team WAS the crappy one. For the forward move, the organization seems to be looking to fill out a new roster for the next ESEA season, so good luck with avoiding losers!

Was this a mistake on the part of LiVid Gaming? Come back to eFCKNsports for your daily dose of the sauciest esports news, and who knows! Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about successful esports betting strategies. See Ya!