Didn’t they just GET the Memo? For an industry that is constantly preaching about being inclusive and respecting the rights of minorities, they sure sign up partnerships with questionable associates way too often. One such moral hole is the one that CS:GO tournament organizer BLAST fell into a couple of weeks ago, as they just decided to cancel their agreement with Saudi Arabia’s high-tech spot NEOM,  in view of protests and demands for correction by pundits and other esports personalities.

According to Danish paper B.T.’s report from this past Sunday, organizer BLAST communicated the cancellation of their “record deal” with the Middle Eastern venue, after lots of negative backlash stemming from the CS:GO community, including big community names of the likes of Henry Russell, Hugo Byron, Vince Hill and Team Liquid’s head coach Moses.


Human Rights? Says Who?

This isn’t the first time that an esports association calls it quits with the Saudi-based location, known for its high technological advancements and other impressive technical feats. Back in July 29th, LEC went on the same route, only to take it back 24 hours after the initial announcement of the partnership. Reasons? The same: Saudi Arabia’s embarrassing record of human rights abuses and general disrespect for the rights of the LGBTQ community created a sudden surge of protests by league members, who demanded its immediate shut down. Go Figure!

It looks like this is another case of: Let’s try to get away with it while nobody is watching and cash in all those beautiful Saudi Petrodollars.  Wonder why we can’t buy into the loads of unnecessary virtue signaling by game developers these days? I sure don’t.

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