RIOT MAY BE LOOKING INTO ‘MATCH FIXING’ CASES IN VALORANT, ACCORDING TO DEXERTO REPORT sources claim Riot Games are already investigating match fixing cases in Valorant.

-’Match Fixing’ scandals have plagued the CS:GO esports scene for a long while, causing long-term damage to the careers of many players. 

Things are getting SERIOUS, back at Riot headquarters.

Dexerto rumours have it that, according to some credible sources, Riot Games may have already begun investigating alleged cases of ‘match fixing’ in their latest shooter sensation VALORANT

The news broke out Thursday morning, following an interminable sequence of stories popping up on various esports media over the last few years, relating to similar cases stemming from Valve’s own Counter Strike esports. 

Back in 2015,  the shady actions by members of the iBUYPOWER and NetCodeGuides teams brought about the involvement of the Esports Integrity Commission (or ESIC for short), and resulted in the banning of four North American players by Valve. Subsequent investigations exposed ever-greater shenanigans, as committed by formerly well-respected esporters. 

And while Valve reviews all the remaining match fixing cases in their own scene, alongside the careful investigating eyes of the FBI, Riot Games appears to have taken matters into their hands. – Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? 😉

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Riot is “interviewing” VALORANT players

Richard Lewis (aka. the source), reported to the folks at that Riot has chosen to take preemptive action against any possible match-fixing incidents in their surging VALORANT esports ambient.

Prompted by members of their own player community, Riot is reportedly taking an in-deep approach to the allegations of possible match-fixing by former CS:GO players, same who are now part of the growing VALORANT league.  

Currently there’s a team of people investigating the claims from CS:GO and they’ve interviewed a number of players they believe are named in the ESIC investigation. They’ve interviewed players and owners as they’re trying to ascertain the overall integrity of their scene. Several organizations have been telling the players involved that they can’t sign them until Riot have cleared them and this has pressured Riot to get involved.”

How well is the ESIC disposed to deal with “fraud” allegations?

Pretty alright, according to Dexerto too: The Esports Integrity Commission possesses strong links with accredited betting companies, thus they can count with their powerful ‘security’ assets to help them in the investigation. 

Meanwhile, lots of CS:GO suspected felons are unemployed, waiting for the charges to be dropped, or to eventually suffer all the connected legal consequences for their actions. 

Sounds like a real doozy!

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