In this week’s episode of the CS:GO Spectating Bug Scandal soap opera, Faze Clan’s head coach YNK takes to Twitter to make some scathing remarks about Heroic & ENCE’s policies regarding their treatment of their suspended coaches. 

Janko “YNK” Paunovic could not hold his peace about the disregard shown to the suspension rulings by both Heroic and ENCE, who decided to relocate coaches HUNDEN and Twista to analyst positions, instead of giving them a harsher punishment for their active involvement in the Spectating Bug Scandal.

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Via his Twitter account, YNK accused both teams of misconduct in no unclear manner: “Some of these orgs really are a joke, their coaches found guilty of using the bug, multiple times and with clear intent of gaining a competitive advantage and you simply move them to an ‘analyst’ position? Seriously?” 

Paunovic then added: “I’m all for giving people second chances, but you also need to face the consequences for what you’ve done… And yes, I am first and foremost talking about Heroic and ENCE” – Burn, baby BURN!

Spectating Bug Scandal

After a formal investigation was started by the Esports Integrity Commission a couple of months ago, the organization moved to suspend 37 coaches for their involvement in the spectating bug scandal this past Monday. The bug drama revolves around several league coaches having made use of an uncharted bug that allowed them to position themselves anywhere they pleased on a map,  providing them with a clear strategic lead over their adversaries. 

Even though the suspensions ordered by the ESIC do not force the organizations to dismiss their guilty coaches entirely, they do limit the contact that these individuals can have with team members before and during matches. Not enough, not NEARLY enough, according to YNK. 

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