• CS:GO player sleeps through start of Major qualifier match
  • Triumph forced to forfeit match against Evil Geniuses 
  • IEM FALL is not the place to snooze

And there it is… the worst thing you can do and cannot undo at a Major qualifier match: to catch some zzz’s before it starts. Why? Keep on reading!

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It’s bad enough to see all you had to put forward just to get there and be there, at the IEM Fall, much less speak of how you came to be at the best-of-one match against Evil Geniuses. But worst of all is to be forced to forfeit because of one of your dudes snoozing it out when the match was supposed to start.

Yes, that dude is Triumph’s roster member Jack “xCeeD” Holiman, whose name will be written in shame for CS:GO centuries to come (at the very least, IMHO.) But people were nice enough not to rat it so blatantly and spell it out even if they were in the loop. IEM had hurriedly tweeted that Triumph were “unable to field an eligible lineup within the time limit,” and afterwards, Triumph’s in-game leader, Danny “cxzi” Strzelczyk, also tweeted specifically stating that the forfeit had to do with someone very much asleep. Triumph were already using a sub to stand in for Brendan “Bwills” Williams, so they were not allowed to push in another replacement. Tough, tough luck!


With this loss brought about by the forfeit, Triumph had to drop to a 1-2 record in their group stage. This, of course, placed even more pressure on them regarding the second match of the day. This forfeit is a massive hit, an opportunity snatched away because it made Triumph miss out on playing EG on Nuke; for all of you not in the know, this is a map on which EG have not seen a win in half a year, so yeah, this sucks even more.

Not having any RMR points coming into this event makes Triumph need to finish at the very least top five at the IEM Fall to be able to have a measly chance to qualify for the Stockholm Major. This kind of blunder is the one that you never forget, especially if it devastatingly nukes their chances to come. This is the kind of blunder that gets tattooed under their skin.

Interesting to find out how they’ll deal with this mishap…

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