Twitch Streamer Gaules Under Fire For Comments On CS:GO Offensive Pro Leaf

A few days ago, the Counter-Strike Global Offensive pro Sattawut “Leaf” Reathong was getting hit hard with cheating accusations in the match against MiBR.

Fans exploded and it went both ways; some of the big Counter-Strike names had their say, and Leaf even received death threats from some fans (reportedly.) But it was Twitch streamer Gaules who got his panties in a bunch and went all out on Leaf, openly charging him with using ‘aimlock’. This direct charge against the player, coming from a dude with a lot of influence, has a lot of people pretty pissed off.


When Gaules went on to tweet a screengrab with the stats of all Chaos players so he could make his charges stronger against Leaf, Astralis player Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz asked Gaules to delete the tweet: being the latter one of the top streamers on Twitch, with an enormous fanbase, he can really make waves. Other players, such as Mousesports pro ‘Ropz’, tweeted, “just shut ur dumb mouth” with Evil Geniuses’ player Tarik and Counter-Strike Global Offensive commentator ‘Thorin’ joining in the merry backlash: they seem to all believe Gaules and Team MiBR should really be keeping their mouths shut instead of ruining it for Leaf.

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