The 2019-20 Dota Pro Circuit got terminated because of unforeseen circumstances, and all the rest of the planned events got the ax due to COVID-19 reasons, as is nowadays the case.

Singapore Major’s event organizer, PGL Esports, confirmed the season’s last Dota 2 major got canceled and gave the pandemic, on one hand, and “current regulations in Singapore” (whatever that means) as reasons. They tweeted, “Due to the current global situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the current regulations in Singapore, we want to inform everybody that the last DOTA 2 Major of the year, Singapore Major, will be canceled. Take care, be strong, and keep yourselves safe and healthy!”

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Yes, No, yes…. NO!

Having been originally scheduled to be the final event in the Dota Pro Circuit before Edition 10 of The International, which runs from June 20-28, it now seems the last event in this season of the DPC will have to be the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor (won by Team Aster), which was the last one played. All the rest were canceled, with only an online tournament to take the place of the Los Angeles Major.

An update posted by Valve regarding TI10 said it would very probably be postponed to sometime during 2021, in an effort to “restructure the season” for the fall; this might be an indication that those canceled events could pop up in the future before the year comes to an end. Or not… looks like the whole season might get ROYALLY fckd!

To make up for this diss, Valve promised that it will be releasing the Battle Pass soon, instead of holding it up until the TI10 kicks in.

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