So, it was about time Asia was getting some. Representation, that is. The Dota 2 Omega League Event is getting a new region added by WePlay! Esports and Epic Esports Events, which merges two huge regions into one: China and Southeast Asia.

Since there are other events taking place, the new Asian region will be playing minus their top teams from both sides, but there will still be some known mugs in the competition. For instance, China’s 4 additions to the lineup are pretty much all not-very-well-known developmental or small-roster teams, but at least Blaze and Ocean haven’t done too shabby in the Tier 2 scenario, plus all of them were in the top 8 at the China Dota 2 Development League in its third season.


Now, regarding the SEA teams, several rosters have placed very high in major and recent events; the regional powerhouses might very well be making up for other deficiencies. As headliner, they have Team Adroit, with Neon Esports and Reality Rift not lagging too far behind regarding early odds to win the whole tourney. (Be sure to catch some mad odds for this at the site to punt it up a notch.)

This Asian portion of the Omega League gets the name Asia Divine Division and it has a $40,000 prize pool like its American counterpart. With this inclusion, the Omega League hits a total prize pool of $650,000, one of the biggest payouts of the Dota 2 season in its online format. Don’t miss out on the Asian region’s group stage beginning on Aug. 1; the qualifiers are slated for July 28th.

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