Beyond The Summit Investigates Match Fixing And Disqualifies Team Plusone

Beyond The Summit Investigates Match Fixing And Disqualifies Team Plusone

BTS, the Dota 2 tournament organizer (Beyond the Summit) has made it official that they have disqualified the roster for Team PlusOne for match fixing, PLUS they have banned 3 of their players from competing in future BTS events (they actually thought they could get away with it SMH.)

The disqualification brought a little more than expected to the team: it was listed as 0-9 for the group stage, removed from the standings list, and got all their previous matches nullified. BTS went the whole nine yards and also provided evidence to Valve for further investigation. It will continue investigating independently, though.


Banned were team captain Yixaun “xuan” Guoalong and also teammates Ched and Jano. They are indefinitely suspended (aka 4ever) from all upcoming BTS events, and it will very likely affect their ability to sign with other organizations.

Per BTS’ communication, “Team PlusOne have been removed from BTS Pro Series due to multiple, confirmed incidents of match fixing. All previous match results will be nullified. We have provided relevant information and evidence to Valve. PlusOne are currently banned from all future BTS tournaments. We are continuing to investigate all the incidents involving these players. At this time, we are indefinitely suspending xuan, Ched, & Jano from competing in all BTS events. The other two players, dnm & Wij, are permitted to compete in future BTS tournaments at this time.”

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