Beyond the Summit has called it a day with the final playoffs of its BTS Pro Series for Southeast Asia and the Americas. Running from April 10 through 27, with a $50,000 prize pool, the final playoffs between the 4 teams remaining from Southeast Asia and 4 for the Americas have ended.

Last and Recent Standings for Southeast Asian Playoffs

  • April 25th:  Fnatic thrashed TNC in the Upper bracket finals, and GeekFam beat BOOM in the lower bracket R2.
  • April 26th: Lower bracket finals had TNC conquer GeekFam 2-0; then a grand final between Fnatic vs. TNC, where Fnatic made a killing 3-0.

Last and Recent Standings of Playoffs for the Americas

  • April 25th:  Quincy Crew beat Fnatic in the Upper bracket finals, and Thunder Predator swept the floor with CR4ZY in the lower bracket R2.
  • April 26th: Lower bracket finals had EG thrash Thunder Predator 2-1; then a grand final between Quincy Crew vs. EG, where EG made a killing 3-1.


Sure, it was the best Dota 2 teams in Southeast Asia; sure they were the ones who got to meet in the grand finals of the BTS Pro Series. But the number Fnatic did on TNC Predator at the playoffs’ grand final was unprecedented.

Fnatic consistently dismantled and outplayed TNC regardless of how much TNC battled it out. Fnatic’s comebacks were on point, this from a team that had already beaten TNC two times in the same tournament, 2-1 in the group stage and 2-0 in the upper bracket of the playoffs. The kings of Southeast Asia were unstoppable.

Fnatic had won their last three tournaments, the Dota Summit 12 (before the coronavirus took off), then the regional leagues where they crowned themselves at the ESL One Los Angeles Online. And now, they slaughtered at the BTS Pro Series. They dominated all three games of this last event, running at TNC every chance they got, playing 14 unique heroes over three games, and being in full control, with each of their players boasting their deep deep hero pools.  

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