Also known as: The ‘unsolved mystery’ of the disappearance of DOTA 2, CS:GO & other titles from the Steam library. 

-Several popular titles allegedly disappeared from the Steam library overnight, leading on to Monday. 

-Reports started showing up on Twitter  around 2 am ET, confirming that popular Dota 2, CS:GO, Beastmaster, Ghost in the Shell 2.0, and other titles were missing from the collection.  

-No ‘effective’ reason has yet been put forward to explain the situation. 

Sometime around 2am, super-early this past Monday morning, people started seeing reports on Twitter about the apparent disappearance of several popular – and not so popular – gaming titles from within the extensive Steam library of video games. 

The titles missing included two of the biggest brands in gaming today, namely DOTA 2, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive, as well as Hellraiser: Judgement, Ghost in the Shell 2.0, Beastmaster, among others.  

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The Unsolved Mystery of the Disappearing Steam Games Act

What kind of funny shenanigans are going on here? Or… Was it just a weird mishap that didn’t deserve one quarter of the attention it got?

Those are too difficult questions to answer, to be very P.I. about the whole thing, since there’s hardly any evidence or tracks of data to follow. All we know is that, throughout the evening between Sunday and Monday, people started complaining on Twitter about CS:GO not being available for download in the Steam library.

By 2 am that very same morning, SteamDB Pavel Djundik addressed the players, also on Twitter, and stated that the whole ordeal had been nothing but “a glitch,” or, in order to avoid being slightly imprecise in the retelling:CS:GO isn’t just the only app that disappeared from the Steam Store. Something went wrong on Valve’s end there, when they disappeared a few appids showed up in a store api (0, 160, 202) that shouldn’t have.”

So yeah… a glitch, that’s what it was. 

Sure. Cuz we believe everything they tell us these days.

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