Dota 2 has been Halloween-less since 2013, and that is not a very decent behavior regarding seasonal events, especially since Halloween equals fun, costumes, creativity and more fun (did I mention COSTUMES?) But seven years later, Valve obliged and handed over a nicely-furbished version of Diretide to Dota 2 this past October 29th. 

The game mode let players prance collecting candies all around the map, keeping their spoils and plunder safe from the enemies; even Roshan left its pit to join in the hunt! Dota 2 even got their first peak in average players in the last cobwebby six months. Even those who are not a big fan of alternative game modes were accounted for: they were covered by Valve giving out Diretide points after regular game matches, in which a player got one of Roshan’s rewards when they picked up 100 points. The players waded knee deep in prizes to be claimed (75 in total), which was pretty slick.

Before we continue, let us check out some of the latest DOTA 2 Betting Odds, provided by our friends at gaming center

Esports – Dota 2 Betting Odds*


Nov 10th, 2020Spag and Sons+102VSArmy Geniuses-147

EPIC League

Nov 10th, 2020Live to Win-109VSYellow Submarine-118

*Odds are subject to change. 


Last Dates for Diretide

So, when will the Diretide 2020 be wrapping it up? 

Most Halloween events call it a day early in November, but it seems this particular event will be very much around until December 22nd; this could mean it might squash the Christmas Dota 2 Frostivus event, which lasts from mid December to early January, but hey, can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. 

Either way, the upcoming New Bloom event celebrating the Chinese New Year is a regular, and has been canceled only once, so you can probably count on it despite the general roguery of the pandemic.

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