dota 2 pro circuit 2020


Dota 2’s professional circuit has been TOTALLY revamped by Valve (hey, don’t fix what’s not broke, man!), and has blasted us with a new regional league system, which we’re getting after the 2020 International.

Valve had apparently nothing to do and decided to turn the focus on MOBA; it tried to improve its competitive scene and, well only made it worse. It cut the Dota Pro Circuit open on its belly into regional leagues, to be up and running after The International 2020 (yeah, good luck with that.) Esports Betting, for gamers by gamers.

We now have 5 Major tournaments, after the Minors and the Open Qualifiers, but the regional mess Valve decided to apply will have those new regional leagues serving as Open Qualifiers over a span of 6 weeks instead of the usual couple of days. Really? As if stuff wasn’t already complicated…

The new leagues go according to the geographic regions that were already in use (wow, they actually kept something):  Europe, South East Asia, China, South America, CIS, and North America. These regions were the ones that decided which teams were allowed to compete (See? They were good enough already!)

The leagues make up 2 divisions, 8 teams in the Upper and 8 in the Lower. This makes up a total of 96 teams, spread around the world. The six leagues will be getting a prize pool of $280,000 per season (that’s more all our staff earns in a year!). After each season, the two Upper bottom teams will trade places with the two Lower top teams, and the two bottom ones of the Lower Division will be removed, allowing new ones to take their place (yup, out with the useless idiots; they only hit one mark, apparently.)

Valve will be deciding which team goes where (no fascism here, no) and will also say which region will compete in the first season. To qualify for a region, the team must have at least 3 players living there (yeah, they really busted their smarts figuring out China team can’t have all non-Chinese.) The play term will be divided into 3 seasons a year, ending each season with a Major tournament. You also get points if your team finishes in the top 5 of the Upper Division, or in the top 8 slots of the first two Major Tournaments. Rosters will be on lockdown for the season, and changes in players get points reduced from their team.

Ok, so we’ll see how this dumbass reinvention hits them later on…

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