Seems like the folks at game-developing powerhouse Valve have finally made up their minds and released their first look of the upcoming Dota Pro Circuit

According to some juicy date recently published online by Valve, the 2021 edition of the successful Dota 2 Pro tournament will consist of two brief seasons (of approx. six weeks each one) with their corresponding Majors, leading up to a qualifiers round before the kick-off of this year’s The International event, all the way from Stockholm. 

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Dota Pro Circuit – South East Asia Qualifiers

Jan 3rd, 2021

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The Road to the International 2021

Set for a global starting date of January 18th, 2021, the Dota Pro Circuit’s first and second seasons will play out throughout a six week time period, each with its own lineup of Majors. Once the latter is completed, the round of qualifiers will kick in, which will complete the process of seeding the remaining slots to 2021’s rendition of the International, planned for sometime in mid-August in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Unlike all other DPC participating regions, China will stretch out the first season by a couple of weeks until March 14th, as they’ve decided to fit a tiny break right in between the six-week schedule. North America, South America, Europe, CIS and South East Asia will end theirs by February 28th; the Majors are listed to take place between the dates of March 25th and April 4th. The second season should be a more similar affair for all regions involved, starting for all in April 13th and lasting until May 23rd, followed by their Majors between the days of June 2nd to 13th and The International some little time after. 

Additionally, Valve has decided to scrap previous team points for the team selection process, due to the very long hiatus between seasons. For this occasion, Valve has pre-selected the best four teams from each geographical region for participation in the upper-division qualifiers. The last 12 spots will be filled by teams emerging from another round of lower & upper-division qualifiers. Each league’s top performers for both seasons will then automatically qualify for the Majors, with the total 18 slots having been assigned in the following fashion:

North America: 2 slots

South America: 2 Slots

Europe: 4 Slots

China: 4 Slots

South East Asia: 3 Slots

CIS: 3 Slots

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