Dota 2’s top competition (uber-classic The Invitational) had to be put to rest last year, for obvious COVID-19 reasons we are too tired to even want to discuss, but the good news is that we the DPC Spring Split 2021 is already underway in its brand new regions-based fashion. 

As is tradition, eFCKNsports will share with you all the juicy bits about the tournament, as well as the latest Dota Pro Circuit betting odds, currently available at esports betting home

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Dota Pro Circuit – EU Qualifiers

Betting Odds*

Jan 18 / 10 AM CentralHIPPOMANIACS-185VSCreepwave+135
Jan 19 / 7 AM CentralBurjui+450VSBrame-833
Jan 20 / 7 AM CentralMeta4Pro+490VSSpider Pigzs-1000

*Odds are subject to change. 

2021 Dota Pro Circuit Kicks Off Jan 18

World-favorite MOBA Dota 2 will see a comeback to its yearly tournament calendar this coming January 18th, in a slightly different fashion than what we were accustomed to. 

The Dota Pro Circuit has effectively been reshaped into a regional league format, with the newly defined six regions being North America, China, Southeast Asia, Europe, CIS and South America, each one featuring a lineup of sixteen teams, split between higher (upper) and lower divisions. 

Additionally, the formerly single season was cut into two separate “seasons”, with the first Spring Split season being the one starting up next. Each season will then enjoy its own Major event, where the best teams belonging to each region will fight it off for a priced spot at August-scheduled The Invitational 2021. 

The Dota Pro Circuit will run from January 18th right until February 28th for all regions, with the exception of China which will linger on until March 14th, in order to make time for the super-important Chinese New Year holiday that takes place in February. 

Don’t Mess With the New Year Festivities, People!

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