• An apparently disappointed EHOME makes the inactivity move on itself
  • The entire team will be tagged as inactive but kept on contract, except for xNova
  • xNova gets off scot-free and glides off as free agent

So now, EHOME does a twist and sticks the stinger on itself and the teamsters, putting them in a very trendy “Sleeping Beauty” hold. Oh, and that’s all of them except for xNova. 

The inactive-state spell EHOME cast on the team is, as far as we know, a temporary move regarding Dota 2. Word on the streets has it that it had something to do with internal discussions between all those involved. But here’s the flex nobody saw coming: xNova split and is looking for new ground.

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Ok, so now we know EHOME and the cast had been having disagreements and “internal discussions” which, coupled with a trending move that has become a habit among organizations such as TNC Predator of taking a breather from those nerve-wracking competitions, it has temporarily locked its state into inactive mode. 

All except for xNova.

The former PSG.LGD mainstay opted not to stick with the team and ran off to sign a new deal. With his contract expired, he slithered into free agency, leaving behind Sylar, Xm, Chalice, and Fade. These guys are still under contract, as are Ahjit, Zhou “Yif” Yifu, Yang “NeverEnd” Pu, Wang “old chicken” Zhiyong, and Hu “dolem” Sen, although only Ahjit, from these last 5 players, has stepped up from the bench recently.

Let’s see: after a pretty disappointing run in the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit, when they finished sixth in the two regional league seasons, and having missed out in either Major, they sorta bounced back and nearly qualified for The International 10, but barely missed it due to a 3-1 loss to Elephant in the grand finals of the qualifiers. If this doesn’t have all the makings for a temporary shut-down, I don’t know what does.

EHOME, which have been in Chinese Dota from the onset, and having finished a glamorous second at the original iteration of TI, are now –among other teams in the dumps for having missed out on TI– probably resting and bonding with family, figuring out those “internal discussions” so they can come back after the TI10 is up.

Meanwhile, xNova is not stopping to look back and has gone wherever his free-lancing takes him.

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