DOTA 2 Betting Guide

Get Your Edge On DOTA 2 Betting

Where esports are concerned, Dota 2 is top dog. The International, which is the game’s premier tournament, has a crowd-funded prize of over $34 million, and that was just in 2019. So with all the stuff happening now, spectators and bettors have both become able to cash in on the fun: wagering on this particular MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) has become THE profit-turning tournament offered by online sportsbooks, while saving the gap left by the regular sports betting thrill.

But don’t let it scare you. You just need to understand where to bet, where the stuff is, and what the shite is going on. No fret.



Dota 2 matches have two 5-player teams, and each player controls one of the game’s 119 characters. Each team has a large structure in their base called the ANCIENT; they each control their own and try to destroy the enemy’s. Basically. But, hey, wait up for the layers: There’s a single map occupied by the players and other computer-controlled characters called CREEPS. So while the players are whacking away at the opposition, they have to whack away at the Creeps, while trying to destroy the other team’s Ancient. We good up to this point?

Regarding the gameplay, the game ends once an Ancient is destroyed, but there is generally a Best-Of-3 or Best-Of-5 format you might want to keep in mind.

Characters: They can be classified into two groups, each with their own capabilities, weaknesses and strategic purposes. Remember, when handicapping these matches, to consider the abilities of each character PLUS the skills of the players controlling them! These are:

  • Carry Heroes: which deal out most of the damage, and get most of the action. These are the ones who gain strength and firepower as the games wears on.
  • Support Heroes: Supports are more reserved and avoid direct confrontations. They support their team’s core with healing and unique buffs.

Betting on Dota 2 Matches

Now that you know where you’re at (or at least not so dumb), we go on to the fun part: wagering. This is just the basics, mind you, but you gotta start somewhere, hey! Most betting sites use American Odds (fractional) for esports betting lines. American odds like to use a negative number to point out the favorite and a positive number to point out the underdog. Check it out on, for either streaming the game or wagering on it.


Most esports betting sites will let you wager before and during the Dota 2 game. Live betting is very well paired with MOBAS and esports since the results are particularly unpredictable. Take a look at what you’ll have available:

  • Moneyline Bets: the simplest form of wagering for esports. Select the team you expect to win straight-up and lay back to watch the game.
  • Handicap/Spread Bets: Spread bets let you take advantage and find value betting on either side of a lopsided favorite/underdog Dota 2 matchup. Spread bets are only offered on Dota 2 matches or other competitions using a ‘best-of’ format.
  • Totals Bets: it’s the famous over/under. In Dota 2, this type of wager applies only where a best-of format is used. The duration of a single game or map also falls here. Since Dota 2 has no time limit (it lasts what it lasts, don’t rush it) some online betting sites will allow the prediction of the number of minutes the match will last, and will ask you to take the over or under on this prediction.
  • Props bets: these have to do with propositions for a game element not directly related to the final result. Online sportsbooks make differences on these, but common examples include:
  • Who draws first blood?
  • Team with most kills
  • Player with most kills
  • Odd or even final score
  • Who kills the first Roshan (creep)

Prop bets pair up very nicely with live, in-game betting; they are easier to predict when you already know which of the game’s 119 characters is going to play.

  • Futures bets: these ask you to predict the winner or finalists ahead of time; the farther in advance you put the money on the line, the more rewarding the payout. Lines become available weeks or months ahead, for major tournaments.

Happy wagering!

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