There’s no escaping the PC Monster!

There used to be a time in the history of mankind when people could pretty much say anything they wanted and hardly anything would happen at all. Those days -the 90’s- are LONG gone.

The most recent Hush-hush incident comes to us from the Dota 2 quarters, as Summit 13 event organizer Beyond the Summit gave an automatic loss to North American’s Plasma1337x after the team’s director published a video in which he asked South America’s Beastcoast team players to “quit being so cheap”, to put it mildly.

The video, which was later removed from Plasma’s social media accounts, features the director of the team (of unknown name) complaining that South American players are ruining the field for all Dota players in the broader area, by charging much smaller fees when compared to the exorbitant salaries demanded by their North American counterparts, thus, lowering their collective value in the organizations’ market. Yelp! That’s what he said.

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“Derogatory Message”

In the video, which you will be able to see right here (don’t tell anyone!), the fella in question addresses the South American esports athletes in a slightly condescending fashion (“Mucho Grande Industry” Anyone?) and then requests that they spike up their pay demands in order to force the organizations to offer much more generous deals to the North American player base.

So next time”- he said, “All of You Players in South America, you need to f*cking ask Muy Grande F*cking Dinero… when you’re renegotiating your contracts

As was to be expected, in this crazy over-sensitive world of ours, he was soon attacked from all social media corners, by people who thought his remarks to be rude and inappropriate, or both.  Upon discovering the video, the folks at Beyond the Summit called Plasma’s words as “disparaging” and took to their official Twitter account to condemn the act:

Earlier today (Oct 25th) the organization of one of our participants posted a derogatory message regarding one opponent on social media. We consider this conduct harmful to both our event and the Dota community.”

The North American squad was thus handed an automatic loss against Beastcoast in the currently ongoing Summit 13 event. We’re left wondering if, maybe Plasma’s chief was right, and maybe there is an inequality between different esports regions that should be addressed by the organizations. Just sayin’!

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