• Team Secret parts ways for no apparent reason.
  • “Goodbye my friend, you have been the one…” NOT!
  • Apparently, more departures from Team Secret are a-comin’

There are reasons, and then there are REASONS. And the reason for this, we do not know yet. Team Secret, the third-placers at The International 10, are letting go of their offlaner, Zai.

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‘Tis a very strong and violent roster shuffle happening at the European Dota 2 after The International finished and the tsunami started settling down. The most jaw-dropping one is by third-place finisher Team Secret, since they announced their parting of ways with offlaner Zai, who’s been around for 3+ years. They shocked the [email protected]#k out of their fans, needless to say, especially since they had been doing it right and well at The International, although they did not reach the grand finals by a single match.

A lot of “kissy, kissy” “bye, bye” and still more cheesiness on the farewell front, separating “on the best of terms” and “making these past three years some of the best years” but to be honest, there’s something a little lopsided with these cats. Team Secret will now be in the market to find an offlaner before the next DPC season starts, and this is a weird flex, but ok. Still, there’s something a little off…

In one of those heartfelt moments by Puppey, he said, “I have nothing but love for this man, not only is he an amazing and persistent teammate, he is also a great friend. No matter where you go and what you do, I am sure you’ll find success. I wish you nothing but the best.” (The roster shuffle begs to differ…)


Zai first joined Team Secret in 2015, then left after 7 months to join Evil Geniuses. But then he landed OpTic Gaming for a year, and then made it Back to Team Secret in 2018. Zai then became a core part of the roster, and they had one of the most dominant seasons last year, even though the Aegis escaped their hands very blatantly.

So now, after the dumping, the Swede is in for a lot of speculating about what’s coming next to him: Dota 2 fans think he might join Nisha in Team Liquid, which insinuates Team Secret may have a little more shuffling to their roster up their sleeves. With the next DPC season starting off within one month, there will be more news about roster moves before the end of the month.

Dudes, there’s nothing sure in life except death and taxes!

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