-Valve’s finally put forth the official dates for each of the TI10’s regional qualifiers.

-Unlike previous years, each region will fit a separate time frame within the calendar.

-Only 4 teams are already confirmed to take part in the tournament. 

4 to go, 8 more still undefined!

Hardships, hardships, hardships. That’s a pretty good way to summarize the ambient in the esports scene since early 2020, with the pandemic’s onset, the resulting travelling restrictions and all the rest. Nonetheless, the scene has been able to catch up some, though maybe not with the same potency we might have preferred, and it is in a similar conundrum we now find the upcoming major DOTA2 event, aka. The Invitational 10, which is scheduled to take place later on in the year. 

This time around though, the regional qualifiers won’t all be taking place at the same time – like in previous occasions, and Valve – the organizer – has instead chosen to allocate each locale with a separate time slot of its own. 

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BTS Pro Series: Americas

Betting Odds* – Courtesy of

June 3rd, 2021 – 1:00 pm CTInfamous-625VSEgoboys+393
June 3rd, 2021 – 4:00 pm CTSimply TOOBASED-185VSThe Cut+141

*Odds are subject to change. 

T110 Regional Qualifier Dates Released

The hint came via the latest Dota Plus Update, in which Valve went all double-kill by shedding light on the actual dates for the separate set of regional qualifiers alongside their expected platform updates, and the will be as follow:

-First will come the South America and CIS Regionals between June 23rd and 26th.

-On seconds come the North America and SEA regions, between June 30th and July 3rd.

-Lastly, China and Europe regions will play their part between July 7th and 10th. 

How to Watch?

Not a clue yet. Valve hasn’t released any information in this particular, and also unknown is the identity of the entity in charge of the organization. Our best guess is Valve will take care of the organizing duties themselves, or perhaps the same peeps who’ve taken charge for most other Pro DOTA Circuit tourneys will be the ones tasked with running the shows. 

Either case, Valve is expected to pop up the answer once the next WePlay Animajor event wraps up. We’ll keep you posted.

What teams are going to be joining the TI10?

Only four teams are already confirmed to be taking part in the Invitational 10 event, these are, Evil Geniuses, Invictus Gaming and Team Secret. Just these four have already secured the sufficient ranking points to secure a spot. 

Yet again, In order to figure out the other eight remaining spots, we all ought to wait until the WePlay Animajors are played and done for. Either way you look at it, the likely thing is that Quincy Crew and Alliance will be able to land tickets of their own. 

The International 10 will be airing live all the way from Stockholm, Sweden, between August 10th and 15th this year. 

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