Valve let loose a Patch 7.25c which has all its recent regeneration items meta nerfing hard. The nerfing was kinda expected for popular heroes, with no buffs at all; there was also a cost decrease to Dust of Appearance which can be interpreted as a nerf to invisible heroes. Let’s look at the nerf-happy changes from the outside.


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So Valve felt the hard-up need to increase the cost of Ring of Tarrasque; now, players can’t buy it with their starting gold. This means starting items are more important than consumables because they can be turned into badass items, like Soul Ring, Pipe of Insight, Helm of Dominator, or Mekansm.

Other items –most of them– didn’t get cost nerfs but got their health regeneration amount reduced. Supports can still pick up the Headdress in some places, but cores will probably need one or two Healing Salves to stay put in the lane. Necronomicon was the only item nerfed without the health regen.

Changes to All Pick

The patch introduced a change to blind picking, where if two players pick the same hero, the action will be totally banned, and not the first picker getting the hero. This will trigger a new picking round.

Attack on Owned Observer Wards Now Possible

It might look dumb at first, but it actually helps to deny your own ward if you accidentally placed it blocking a neutral camp or if denying it doesn’t let your enemy get some bounty, for instance. Now, wards can be snuffed at full health, but with 2 attacks. This only works with wards you plant yourself.


The patch nerfed a total of 12 heroes; most of them were minor. They even threw in a customary Lycan nerf. The ones smacked hardest by the nerf bat were 2 of the mainstays in the pro scenario.


One of the game’s best assassins and farmers received a reduction to its base agility, while still keeping base damage and armor.

Death Prophet

Mid-lane pick Death Prophet has been struck with small base damage nerf to decrease laning abilities. Changes basically reduced the damage multiplier on Exorcism.


If you touch your face, you die. If you don’t wash your hands, you die. If you go to any crowded place, you die. Oh wait! That ain’t the game, that’s real life. 🙁 Emo foreverrrr…

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