• 100T killed at the Winners’ Bracket of Group C
  • Thieves have taken over a place in the playoffs at VCT Stage 3 Berlin Masters
  • Gambit will face winner of Crazy Raccoon and Havan Liberty in the Group C decider.

100 Thieves huffed, puffed and blew Gambit Esports down at the Valorant Champions Tour Stage 3 Berlin Masters. 

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100 Thieves and Gambit (if you haven’t been living under a rock) locked antlers in the Winners Bracket of Group C of the VCT Stage 3 Berlin Masters and… guess what? 100 Thieves is now the proud owner of a place in the VCT Stage 3 Berlin Masters. They had already scored a win over Havan Liberty in their Group B opener, and Gambit had destroyed Crazy Raccoon’s dreams for all-mightiness, so that left those two together to battle it out to get to the next level. Sorry, Gambit.


With Gambit picking Ascent, and 100T going for the Icebox pick,  it was Nikita “d3ffo” Sudakov who pulled off the win for the thrifty for Gambit, but to no avail. 100T got even and engaged with Gambit in a back-and-forth which was drawn out and hard-fought for both teams. In other words, the game was pretty even all throughout the game; Gambit’s players were even constantly opting not to upgrade on their bonus weapons, and instead stole the same from 100 Thieves at the end of the 11th round. 

All in all, it was Gambit Esports’ lack of forward vision what ultimately handed the scepter to 100 Thieves, and the North American representatives closed out Split 13-10 to go on and win the series. 100 Thieves became, then, the first team to arrive at the playoffs shore and hook into their place at the VCT Stage 3 Berlin Masters with this win over Gambit. This leaves the spoils, eh, I mean, Gambit Esports to go against the winner of the Group C decider, (namely contenders Crazy Raccoon and Havan Liberty.) Alas, it may be quite a déjà vu if the winner of this decider ends up being Crazy Raccoon… We’d best leave those spoils to the great big birds in the sky.

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