Overwatch Contenders has announced its 2020 Gauntlet, the competition which they introduced in 2019 and in which four regions have it out to see who rocks in each one. For starters, Element Mystic was the one to take home the title at the inaugural event. 

The Korean-based tournament determines which is the top tier-two team all around, and now wants to come back strong with some truly appropriate changes for the 2020 nightmare we’re stuck in. Kudos to them. 

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2020 Gauntlet Announced

This year’s changes include four different regions bouting against themselves, which are Asia (of course!), Europe, North America and South America. The event won’t be featuring just the region’s elite teams to lock horns with one another, but also each region gets to crown their own champ. 

The 2020 Gauntlet is scheduled to begin in late November and run through December, so that’s a lot of matchups to enjoy and –why not– bet on. There will be a total of 42 teams competing, with Asia providing 10 (4 from Korea, 4 from China, 1 from the Pacific and 1 from Australia), plus 8 teams from South America, 12 from Europe and also 12 from North America. With a pool of $175K in Asia, a $75K pool in South America, and $100K each for Europe and North America, this is gonna get good!

Sure, it won’t be the same Gauntlet you’ve always known, sure it won’t feel the same watching it, but it is a culmination event, and it kinda makes you feel like the pandemic hasn’t won sh*t. Stuff still moves around and people can still leave their mark in this heinous year.  

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