Ever heard the expression “eat crow”? It’s just another way of saying you better take back what your puny mind thought or said. And that’s just what regular sports gamblers had to do these last few days.

With the coronavirus insanity having us locked up, climbing up walls and nowhere to go, online-ness seems to be saving our butts and giving us some wagering love by keeping the betting fire alive… the Esports fire, that is. Now, when you can’t be as choosy as to say “I ain’t betting on kids’ playing” and dumbass stuff like that, esports betting is here to save asses and is slowly picking up the slack that regular sports left behind, giving us some kind of a life again.

Last year, back around September, there was some talk about Esports betting having it rough in the Gambling Mecca of the world, Las Vegas, even though it was really widespread. Betting sites did not consider esports to be wagering fodder either, and left it out in the rain. But lockdown and quarantine had another think coming, and online esports activities have come to replace presence events, giving us the betting option we all needed but were too pigheaded to see.


“Typical” Out

The Nevada Gaming Control Board’s recent decision to approve bets in the state on four esports series was the detonation online esports gaming was needing to don the betting glove. True, it’s only a tip of the esports betting available elsewhere, but a sudden starvation of options had its say, and Nevada listened.

Now approved for wagering, betting, laying odds, whatever, the board was good with CS:GO betting on the ESL Pro League Season 11 activities to take place in North America and Germany. The board also went for Dota 2 betting on an ESL Dota 2 tournament, and also bets on the eNASCAR series.  Indeed, a 30% rise in esports betting over the past few weeks has nothing despicable about it. We have yet to see if this is a soon-to-die trend due to stubborn sports-oriented mules, or if the rise in credibility convinces the mainstream that esports betting can continue being an option.

Either way, the NGCB went the extra mile and opened up more esports wagering options within the state, including two of the big League of Legends Spring Series events in Europe (LEC) and North America (LCS), plus Overwatch League betting; the upcoming Call of Duty League events will also be on the table when they get going; btw, all this you will be able to pick up on streaming, in case you wanted to check em out, or even only to test your esports skills with a real bet.

Are you going to make the shift to esports betting? Keep coming back to eFCKNsports for the hottest stories from the crazy world of esports. Who Knows! You might learn a thing or two about esports betting strategies. See Ya!