MagicFest 2020


Magic Esports (and the trending pandemic villain) just got all tabletop Magic in-person events killed off for the 2020 period (surprise, surprise.)

The 2020 Gathering events and MagicFests have all been written off as canceled, per an update posted by Wizards of the Coast. There is a shift going on, from tabletop to digital, which had Players Tour tournaments and finals, plus the Mythic Invitational events, in a flurry of rescheduling to happen at the MTC Arena… Well, not anymore. Magic Esports’ vice-president Elaine Chase just let the bomb drop (like we didn’t see it comin’) that all in-person events were getting canceled for 2020. Per Magic Esports, they said it was “to prioritize the health and safety of everyone in the Magic ecosystem we’ve had to make hard decisions about in-person high-level Magic Events, including Magic Fests, going forward.”


As Chase said, in a letter she posted, “Over the summer, you will see us continue to roll out new virtual approaches to competitive play like the Arena Open happening on May 30, with players who make day two able to earn up to $2,000 based on their win record in this first iteration, and the MagicFest Online and Friday Night Magic events we have been hosting with our partners and your favorite WPN stores,” (in a weird attempt to make all those involved like they were a part of something that… mattered?)

Anyways, the Arena Open that is to take place this weekend via MTG Arena plus other activities such as FNM are not considered a part of Magic esports; they were (apparently) added so players could compete digitally, but right now, there is not a single offer of Mythic Points or qualifying seats for major Magic esports tournaments. Gee, thanks for your concern!

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