While it may sometimes seem like 2020 is a malignant alien that gets flamed, beaten, exploded and nuked but still keeps coming atcha, Overwatch knows how to make things right and its 2020 Winter Wonderland event is on its merry way! Gaming Tip! Don’t you forget to check out the multiplicity of esports betting odds daily available at gaming hub LevelUp.bet. Register your new account today and claim a HUGE 100% Welcome Bonus with your first deposit of $100 or more; enjoy high-quality video streaming of your favorite matches directly to your smartphone or gaming computer.

Winter Wonderland 2020 is Coming to Town

This annual event, which defies the wintry weather and glum dispositions all around us, comes chock full of fresh skins, arcade modes, and winter themes that pop up in the game maps; this is all topped by Mei’s Snowball Offensive, so yeah, there’s some heavy breathing as to when it will kick off. Well, just so you know, the 2020 Winter Wonderland event is most probably almost on top of us, since it regularly starts off around December 12th, like in 2017, or December 11th, like a couple of years ago. Classic skins like the Casual Hanzo were gifted to us before the holidays using one of these events, and last year’s event brought us weekly challenges, which are now the mainstay of all annual events. In spite of the havoc wreaked by the pandemic, the event -we can safely say- will be kicking off around Tuesday December 8th, just like many other events have done so on Tuesdays this year. Although you might be getting the holiday spirit on Thursday December 10th if there is a patch programmed for that day of the week. This Winter Wonderland event will include the comeback of two classics in the way of arcade modes, namely Mei’s Snowball Offensive and Yeti Hunter. Makeovers for maps using the Winter theme will include King’s Row and Blizzard World, plus you may expect weekly challenges, as always. The skins and bonuses have yet to be flaunted, but hey, we can take it. Still, Blizzard had better hurry up and announce it already. Never miss a single esports moment with eFCKNsports’ crazy blog. Who Knows! You might learn a thing or two about esports betting. See Ya!